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Rural Transformation


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Rural Transformation
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Governments, Public enterprises, Research organizations, large and small manufacturing companies, consultants, NGO´s and indidividual innovators are all dependent on finding solutions to complex problems, understanding the context of its operation/business and how to approach the future. StonePower's vision is to become a part of solving these problems utilizing its creative approach and worldwide network of knowledge sources, business contacts etc.

What we do

StonePower is a small consultant company working with program, project, market and technology development.

 Projects can be found in:

  • development of innovative programs and projects

  • electric automobility

  • sustainable energy development

  • project coordination of rural mini-grid projects.

  • technical and market support to energy related innovation companies linked with market analysis and risk assessment, arranging seed financing etc.

  • R&D organizations for special projects, creating new fields and networks

  • support to innovators in analyzing markets and adjusting technologies

Who are the customers?


StonePower AB work with consultancy projects for research and development organizations like, The World Bank, Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), Elforsk, KTH, Ericsson, ABB, African Governments and Ministries etc., large and small technology firms in energy/telecom/water sectors, as well as individual innovators.

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