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Rural Transformation
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StonePower AB

Project Design, Innovations, Analysis, Monitoring, Evaluation, Management of R&D, Sustainable Development in Renewable Energy and Electric Automobility including Charging Infrastructure



Research and Innovation

StonePower works with R&D companies, manufacturers, Technical Institutes and Universities etc. to initate and perform highly innovative  R&D projects, vision studies, seminars and program development.

Electric Automobility

StonePower works with utilities, communities, manfacturers and others to promote electric vehicles and charging infrastrukture. This include also advanced charging like inductive chargrging, DC Quick charging etc.

Market Development

With focus on effective R&D, StonePower also support the process for SME's to become more productive and competetive. StonePower analyze  conditions and technologies to overcome  market and technology barriers,  disseminate new design methodologies and implement new structures.

Advanced Environmental Sustainable Materials

With focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability StonePower works wiht different partners to market new materials that support lower carbon footprint and higher economic returns. Examples are new stonefibre reinforced concrete structures.

Rural Electrification

StonePower is inviting innovators and SME's to screen/adopt prototype technology into marketable products. This include Emerging Market Design and Analysis, cusomer surveys and technical studies, partnerships, socio-economic analyses etc. StonePower has over 10 years of rural energy experience especiellay low-cost solutions like SWER, SWL and single phase distribution.

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